News from Principal

It is a gifted opportunity given by god in my life time. My wish is to serve the needy, my expected dream has come true now. Before I spell a word, our Administrative Officer & Teachers observe my mind and according to the radiation, they use to fulfill my thoughts through their laborious hard work. By one hand we cannot make noise, by coordination we did it and we will” I know with how much trust and belier you all stepped into our Adventist School, so I assure you that your trust never fails.

“Failure Fails with us”

Our School

Seventh Day Adventist School is Located in Madurai.This School attempts to prepare the children to be ready for life in any part of the globe. In Our School every child gets the opportunity to blossom into a special flower under the nurturing care of a team of educators who take joy and pride in enabling their individuality to bloom. Our School Provides quality education since ... it had opened its portals for all the discerning parents of Madurai. it certainly can take pride in nurturing hundreds of students who have gone on to become achievers and stalwarts in their own right, It has the unique distinction of also having nurtured several educators who have gone on to establish other schools of repute in and around the city. Annamaliyaar Matric School strives at providing an environment conducive for holistic development of children, where children - learn happily without being deprived of the pleasures of childhood, question freely without fear of censure, engage in activities without the pressures of reward and punishment, participate actively in the relevant, age-appropriate and applicative learning process, find ample opportunity for creative expression, live to be world citizens, without prejudices, enjoy simple cooperative living in harmony with nature.